Think Graduation Means Saying Goodbye to Your Social Life? Think Again…

Let’s be honest, the last few weeks of your degree were hardly wild. Going out would’ve been a distraction from all of the studying more than anything.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty disheartening to think that your days having fun are long gone once you put a graduation cap on your head.

Is that actually the case though?

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It’s not gone, it’s new:

For most of us, our idea of fun changes with age.

As a kid, your idea of a great party used to be juice boxes and fancy dress (that may still be your thing, no judgement). At uni, your social life consisted of going to the SU or societies.

We’re not saying that you’ll be sipping tea and eating biscuits every Friday night as soon as you’re twenty-one. However, hanging out with freshers tends to get old after a while.

When you land your first job, you’ll find that people develop a new social life. Your co-workers become a great source of out of work fun; especially those in recruitment and sales, since it’s such a sociable sector. Their social life isn’t the boring one you may dread upon leaving uni.

When you’re working you feel like you deserve a bit of fun, rather than just going out on a Wednesday because it’s three WKD’s for a fiver.

You and your co-workers will have been using that drive and determination all week. When you’re motivated and working hard, you deserve some down-time, and the reward feels that much sweeter!

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 - You don’t need cheap pints anymore -

| When you’re earning £35k in your first year in recruitment or sales, you don’t even consider those student deals.

You can actually try the snazzy new American craft beer they’ve just got on tap at your local, or get a bottle of wine that doesn’t taste like paint stripper.

When summer swings around, everyone wants to Instagram their view from a rooftop bar. But getting up there is SO expensive. Even if you don’t fancy an alcoholic drink, soft drinks can be extortionate, too! Well, when you aren’t on a student budget anymore, another drink and some bar snacks aren’t in lieu of paying bills!

Why miss the student life when you’re moving onto the good life?

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 Adventure doesn’t stop -

Once you’ve rinsed every cheap bar and been to every uni event multiple times for the past few years, it gets old.

When you’re living in London, Manchester, Reading or anywhere else in the UK, you’ve got a new bunch of work colleagues and a big budget, the possibilities are endless.

You’ll meet people who will take you to quirky bars, or out for dinner at cool pop-up restaurants.

Even the workplace is fun. Beating targets, getting in new clients, or just having a really positive week - it all calls for a celebration.

 speechmarks2 In recruitment and sales, it’s about keeping morale high and giving credit where credit’s due. speechmarks1

When you’re giving it your all and it pays off, there’ll be one hell of a celebration in the office. Being part of a recruitment or sales team means being part of everyone’s success. No achievement goes unrecognised!

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