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Recruitment in the USA

“America – the Land of Opportunity.”

James Wilson

Passed through generations, this phrase has constantly put the States on a pedestal; a place where you can achieve real success.

Does this apply to the Recruitment industry? In short, it’s a resounding yes!

However, when candidates are seeking new opportunities, relocation is rarely considered as an option. Job-seekers aren’t jumping at the chance to move to America and establish themselves in a different country. Relocation isn’t the easiest decision, and there are many reasons that can stop someone from upping sticks and hopping across the pond. But maybe candidates aren’t aware of just how real of an opportunity this is! Let’s get stuck into the benefits...

To keep it plain and simple, the earning potential increases with a move to the USA. Recruitment, as an industry, allows for incredible monetary opportunities. In America, employees in the sector can expect this to increase dramatically. Not only do consultants receive higher base salaries, but consultants on average bill more, and therefore, earn more. Why? There are a few reasons. On the perm side, the average permanent fee size is much bigger in comparison to the UK. In the States, the average fee size is roughly $35,000, while the UK can only boast around £10,000 per fee. On the contract side, the average tenure of contractors is much longer, as well as the average day rate being higher. Also, billing on the entire package and not just the base is the norm.  So, it’s clear to see that the opportunity for higher average billings is there for the taking. It would be hard for anyone in the industry to turn their nose up at this!

Naturally, the availability of roles is greater in America compared to the UK. A larger country equates to a larger workforce, and a larger workforce leads the way to a larger Recruitment industry. There’s a plethora of roles available for job-seekers, with many calling out to be filled by UK job-seekers! Furthermore, the market is much less saturated, making the opportunity for UK candidates to be placed into managerial roles much more feasible. This is the perfect chance for anyone within the industry who believes they’ve hit the ‘glass ceiling’ in their current role.

Many of these opportunities will also come with the added benefit of helping the candidate with the move. It can be hard to comprehend just what it takes to get up and running in a new country, so many of these businesses provide the necessary help to achieve that. This will include assistance with finding a place to live, sorting VISAs and arranging everything else in between. Peace of mind is essential when relocating to another country and this will be a massive help.

Did we mention that you’ll be moving to some of the most famous and attractive places in the world? SW6 cover a variety of locations within the USA, from east coast to west coast. We currently have opportunities in New York, San Francisco and many areas between the two. Covering a variety of sectors, we are on the lookout for candidates who are keen to take their career to the next level and make that exciting move to the States!

The Recruitment industry in America is not something to be taken lightly. With higher earning potential, a greater volume of roles and a real opportunity to progress, relocation suddenly seems like a much better idea!

Blog by James @ SW6

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