viva las vegas


At SW6 Associates we believe in giving credit where it's due, and hard work doesn't go unnoticed here. We aim to to celebrate your successes in every way possible!
SW6 Associates

That’s why earlier this month we sent three of our most successful billers to VEGAS.


Sam Pennie, Ben Cawthorne and Michael Delea all gave an exceptional performances over the last twelve months by hitting their super target, and they deserved a massive reward for it.

So we gave them the trip of a lifetime!

They were treated to all sorts of unbelievable VIP extras and events, such as a limo airport pick-up, a five-star hotel, spending money and pool parties, to name a few…

The trio were in agreement that a real highlight was definitely the first night: “We managed to blag our way into the most exclusive pool party at Encore Beach Club. We met a couple of Americans at a blackjack table in our hotel who ended up inviting us to their VIP table.”

With a boost of $600 from a lucky win on the slots, they even bumped up to first-class for the flight home where they sat opposite Joseph Parker!




And this trip has only motivated them further - there’s another twelve-month super biller target with a reward trip to Cancun next summer, which these guys have definitely got their eyes on.

At SW6 we love seeing hard work pay off - which is exactly how Sam, Ben and Michael felt after all their amazing effort this year:



The company went above and beyond to look after us, and I certainly don’t want to be the one in the office looking at photos of everyone else having their dream holiday because I missed the target.



Well done you three! Incredible work and a thoroughly deserved treat!

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